Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the Kern Regional Blueprint?

In 2007 and 2008, thousands of community members throughout the Kern Region collaborated in the Kern Regional Blueprint program to create a shared vision, craft a set of guiding principles that will sustain our unique quality of life, and formulate a scenario for how the region can grow to the year 2050.

2.    What is Directions to 2050?

The Directions to 2050 program builds on the Kern Regional Blueprint program to shape our region’s future. We are brainstorming locally relevant strategies and identifying next steps to achieve our mutual vision for the future.

3.    What is the schedule of the Directions to 2050 program?

Directions to 2050 commenced in September, 2011 and will wrap up in December, 2012. There will be two cycles of community workshops:

  1. Cycle 1 Community Workshops: February-May, 2012
  2. Cycle 2 Community Workshops: August-November, 2012

4.    How can I get involved?

Your input is important to the success of this project. You can get involved in a number of ways: