Kern Regional Blueprint

In 2007 and 2008, thousands of community members throughout the Kern Region collaborated in the Kern Regional Blueprint program to create a shared vision, craft a set of guiding principles that will sustain our unique quality of life, and formulate a scenario for how the region can grow to the year 2050.

Our mutual vision for the future of the Kern Region includes:

  • Livable and safe communities for everyone
  • Economic development opportunities that are linked to our education system and current and future industries, in order to build a strong local economy and diverse employment opportunities
  • Unique natural resources and open spaces – a healthy environment in which to explore explore and play

Blueprint participants also crafted the following Guiding Principles for Growth which were then provided to local decision makers for their consideration as they work daily to achieve our regional vision:

  • Conserve energy and natural resources, and develop alternatives
  • Provide adequate and equitable services
  • Enhance economic vitality
  • Provide a variety of housing choices
  • Use and improve existing community assets and infrastructure
  • Use compact, efficient development and/or mixed land uses where appropriate
  • Provide a variety of transportation choices
  • Conserve undeveloped land and spaces
  • Increase civic and public engagement

Review the Kern Regional Blueprint Executive Summary or the full document.